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Independent Power Producer - Cilacap Coal Steam Power Plan
2x300 MW Unit 1&2. 1x660 MW Unit 3 Expansion. Expansion 2, 1x1000 MW


Corporate Culture


By the year 2000, the rapid growth of Indonesia's economy and industry has put great demands on the availability of facilities and infrastructures in line with the government program to reach 10,000 megawatts of electricity.

PT Sumber Segara Primadaya is established to meet the needs and envisioned to be the best Independent Power Produce in Indonesia. It is co-founded by PT Sumberenergy Sakti Prima, together with PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali. Both are well respected as the influential players of the Energy and Mining Industry.

History has seen China's electricity crisis in the 80s which required the construction of 30,000 MW of power plants every year for three years in a row with a fairly short period of time. As lessons learned, PT Sumber Segara Primadaya synergizes well in its Financial, Engineering, Construction and Human Resources Management. The result is the implementation of Cilacap Coal Fired Steam Power Plant, with advanced technology from CECC that consistently and professionally works at a high intensity.


PT Sumber Segara Primadaya conscientiously conducts a CSR program that focuses on improving the quality of life, community, education, economy, technology, social and public facilities.

The targeted locations include the dstrict of Clilacap in collaboration with Foster Care movement, the provisional aid to fishermen, the provision of basic food and regular medical supports to the community. Scholarship programs are also provided for elementary and junior high schools in the villages of Karangkandri, Slarang and Menganti, as well as the improvement of rural infrastructures, such as roads and house of worships. The implementation of CSR program aims to bridge a positive, harmonious and sustainable relationship between the company and community, as well as to offer the opportunity for people to grow strong, independent and have a better quality of living.